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Counseling Clients Regarding On-Going Workplace Issues

Most employees spend a considerable amount of their waking hours in their workplace. Indeed, for most of us, our co-workers and supervisors represent a second family.  And, like most families, workplace relationships are often dysfunctional and can lead to unjust and irrational actions.  Moreover, in these tough economic times, job security is vital and employees fear “rocking the boat”, thus employees will tolerate conditions that are both stressful and grossly unfair. Through my years as an employment law attorney, a large percentage of the cases I have handled involve counseling employees regarding on-going workplace issues, with the goal of either remaining employed by one’s current employer or taking all steps necessary to remain employed until comparable employment becomes available.  In situations where continued employment is no longer an option, I then work with clients on determining whether a severance agreement is feasible for them, based upon their unique situations.